Gilles Louppe is an associate professor in artificial intelligence and deep learning at the University of Liège (Belgium). He was previously a postdoctoral associate at New York University with the Physics Department and the Center for Data Science, with close ties with the ATLAS experiment at CERN.

His research sits at the intersection of machine learning, artificial intelligence and physical sciences, with the far ambition of unlocking discoveries of a new kind by making artificial intelligence a cornerstone of the modern scientific method. His present research interests include:

  • simulator-based inference
  • deep generative models
  • probabilistic programming
  • bayesian deep learning
  • developments towards the automation of science


  • Joeri Hermans (2017-Present)
  • Antoine Wehenkel (2018-Present)
  • Norman Marlier (2018-Present, co-advised with Olivier Bruls)
  • Maxime Quesnel (2019-Present, co-advised with Oliver Absil)
  • Malavika Vasist (2019-Present, co-advised with Oliver Absil)